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Graduate School
Chiang Mai University
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Fields of Studies

Research direction of the program focuses on developing holistic research conduct, connecting various influential factors on human health and enhancing standard quality research in terms of health promotion, impact follow-up, cause and factors of disease assessment, and examining collective knowledge of the individual, family and society efficiently in accordance with local context. The program includes integrated knowledge and research skills in 5 major fields of study as follows

Why Choose Us ?

Graduate degree is necessary for a person to become an accomplished researcher. Nowadays, nearly all graduate programs in health sciences are topic based. Most programs focus on either population of interest or specific health issues. While these programs could produce experts on particular fields through the accompanying research, time and effort devoted to scientific aspects of research methodology and research management may be inadequate. To overcome this shortcoming, the proposed training/International Master’s degree program will focus on developing knowledge and skills of the trainees on principles and practices of research

Assoc., Prof. KriengKrai Srithanaviboonchai, MD MPH

Lect. Dr. Surat Hongsibsong

Lect. Dr. Natthapol Kosachunhanan, M.D.

Prof.Kittipan Rerkasem MD, PhD

Lect. Dr. Kanokwan Kulprachakarn

Lect. Dr. Sayamon Hongjaisee

Lect. Dr. Sakaewan Ounjaijean